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Are you ready to take your nonprofit's funding to the next level with proven fundraising strategies and professional grant resources?

Tired of constantly feeling behind when a new grant pops up? Would you love to be 3 or 6 or even 9 months ahead in your grant process? It IS possible!

How about bringing in tens of thousands in fundraising income with time-tested techniques and expertly crafted fundraising appeals?

Don't have the time or the staff to increase your outreach and really focus on your bottom line? What if your grant resources and fundraising copy were set up for the next year and all you have to do is press send or print?

We can help you help others so you can do what you love - serve your community!


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    What our customers are saying

    I'll say it again... CCYR is so incredibly fortunate to have your support! Your grant coaching and fundraising help is priceless, thanks for everything!

    - Hilary Gould, Executive Director

    Christmas Charities Year Round

    Huntsville, AL